Body of Work

Sleepless nights in the library during undergrad taught Elias Seidel that he makes his own art, but he does not make it however he wants; he does not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances directly encountered.


His art deals with the negative externalities and social reproduction of white-collar labor, especially in how it constructs masculinity and ability. His graphic works (drawings, collages, photo books) periodically spill over into affective performances and collaborations. Formally, Elias’s work addresses questions of historical subjectivity, authenticity, and documentality, as well as the site-specificity of work- and domestic spaces.

Course of Life

Elias Seidel grew up in a family deep in student debt in Charlottesville, VA. In 2017, he graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Russian Language and Culture. In 2018, Elias attended the Chto Delat School of Engaged Art in St. Petersburg. In 2019–2020, he completed the School of Engaged Art’s seminar on the post-Soviet and was a resident member at Studio 4.413.

Group Shows


Ghosts/Mutants: Between Truth and Fiction (online [in Russian], as part of the School of Engaged Art, August 2020)

A Journey to the Big North in Search of the Other Rosa Crater Guided by the Libreluch Compass (Kunsthalle nummer sieben, SPb, October 2019)

24-Hour Repostsoviet (Rosa’s House of Culture, SPb, June 2019)
Through the Lens of Distortion (Berthold Centre, SPb, April 2019)
15 Exercises in the Field of Triggers (SDVIG, SPb, January 2019)

Support Group for Those Disturbed by Eros (Yegorka Communal Gallery, SPb, October 2018)
Inaugural World without Work Biennial (Intimnoe Mesto, SPb, October 2018)
Fables of Our City (Rosa’s House of Culture, SPb, June 2018)

Columbia Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition (Leroy Neman Gallery, NYC, May 2017)

(c) Elias Seidel 2020